Paul Merton’s Impro Chums

Paul Merton, one of the UK's best-loved performers, and his world renowned Impro Chums Suki Webster, Mike McShane, Lee Simpson, Richard Vranch and music from Kirsty Newton create a new and unique comedy show, based entirely on suggestions from the audience, their own finely honed improvisational skills and an almost manic compulsion to show off.

European Tour 25th-29th September


Paul Merton's Impro Chums is simply brilliant comedy … It’s laugh-out-loud funny from start to finish, and just so damn clever. You will laugh from start to finish … I cannot recommend this show enough.

Leeds Live - June 2019

It’s all delivered with wit, snap, intelligence and zest … the audience leave with smiles on their faces and the feeling that they have witnessed something anarchic, beautifully-crafted from thin air – and completely unique.

Shropshire Star - May 2019

It is two hours of utter joy … This is a bit like joining a party (oh to have such friends!) and watching the revellers muck about to their heart’s content. Merton and his ‘chums’ are so relaxed, so at ease with one another and with this form of play that it is impossible not to be carried away – you find yourself yelling ‘western’ or ‘courgette’ because you just want the fun to keep going.

BN1 Magazine - April 2019

Merton and his pals were wonderfully silly. We laughed so much our faces ached. Comedy shows can't get a better recommendation than that.

South Wales Argus

The night was improvisation at its very best - five comedians who just like to mess around on stage, without a care in the world. Memorable stuff. Go and watch them ...

Nantwich News

I laughed so much my face hurt ... This show is an absolute must-see

Wiltshire Post


You could see this every night and never tire of it ... they continue to be the finest exponents of the improv art.

***** Daily Mirror

★★★★★ The hilarity is continuous and it’s delightful to see the Chums enjoying it as much as the audience and genuinely making each other laugh. Go and see the true maestros at work.

The Wee Review

They are masters of the tricky art of improvisation and their lightning fast wit fuelled by intelligence and a great sense of fun will leave you with a laughter-induced stitch and a spring in your step.

Broadway Baby

Paul Merton's Impro Chums is a delight ...
Clever, laugh-out-loud, silly fun"

The York Press read review

A two-hour dose of quick-thinking, fast-talking, rib-tickling fun - we had more than our money's worth of mirth ...

The News Portsmouth  read review


Instant and impulsive comedy which had the crowd struggling to work out just how the group can keep it up while trying to contain face-aching laughter ...

Bristol Post

"Merton's Chums are some of the most seasoned performers in this field and know just how to work the games, the suggestions and the audience for maximum effect...Pure hilarity"

******British Theatre Guide


I laughed a lot, at those uncomplicatedly glorious moments when a choice rhyme arrives from who knows where, or just at the fabulous arbitrariness of it all: the marrow carved into a statue of Lady Antonia Fraser; the bicycling koalas called Freeman, Hardy and Willis. This stuff couldn’t be written, and it’s invigorating to hear a different voice on stage: not of crafted artistry but of the performers’ subconscious, not set free exactly, but let exuberantly loose on a long leash.

At one point, that great improviser Lee Simpson was challenged somehow to express skiing, taxidermy and Welshness in a solo dance. The collectively held breath was palpable as audience and co-stars waited on his response; likewise the collective goodwill that carried him, and his daft dance, like a surfer’s wave to the shore. At such moments – and tonight there are several – impro supplies a uniquely precipitous brand of fun.

The Guardian - Brian Logan

Paul Merton and his Impro Chums are in top form for their current tour - It may be a popular show, but Merton's crew has a way of making you think the ridiculous sketches are just for you ...

North Devon Journal

They have been wowing theatres across the UK for years now with their utterly compelling spontaneity. They are able to conjure out of thin air the most breathtaking routines. "Genius" is an overused word, but it really does apply to Paul Merton's Impro Chums

Henley Standard